Nimki Mukhiya Actors Real Names

Nimki Mukhiya is an Indian television serial that airs on Star Bharat. Bhumika Gurung, Abhishek Sharma, and Indraneil Sengupta play main roles in serial.

1. Serial Name – Rituraj, Babbu’s brother-in-law

Real Name – Rishi Khurana


2. Serial Name – Tunney, Nimki’s friend

Real Name – Priyanshu Singh


3. Serial Name – Anaro, Babbu’s mother

Real Name – Garima Vikrant Singh


4. Serial Name – Tetar Singh, Babbu’s father

Real Name – Vijay Kumar


5. Serial Name – Diamond Singh, Babbu’s younger brother

Real Name – Jatin Suri


6. Serial Name – Dubloo Singh, Babbu’s elder brother

Real Name – Karaan Singh


7. Serial Name – Rekha, Dubloo’s wife

Real Name – Shiwani Chakraborty


8. Serial Name – Babbu’s grandmother

Real Name – Rita Bhaduri


9. Serial Name – Rambachan, Nimki’s father

Real Name – Ankit Sagar


10. Serial Name – Monu, Nimki’s brother

Real Name – Arafat Shaikh


11. Serial Name – Mahua, Nimki’s sister

Real Name – Saniya Noorain


12. Serial Name – Nahar Singh, political leader

Real Name – S Ashraf Karim


13. Serial Name – Dumri Wali Chachi

Real Name – Reena Rani


14. Serial Name – Sweety

Real Name – Shriya Jha


15. Serial Name – Abhimanyu Rai

Real Name – Indraneil Sengupta



16. Serial Name – Nimki Singh aka Namkeen Kumar, Babbu Singh’s wife

Real Name – Bhumika Gurung


17. Serial Name – Babbu Singh, Nimki’s husband

Real Name – Abhishek Sharma


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